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Category: CAE writing part 2

Prepare for CAE writing part 2 with our example answers.

In CAE writing part 2 you have a choice of tasks from letter/email, proposal, report or review. You can select the one you feel most comfortable with or the topic that interests you the most. Our example answers show you how to structure quality answers to a range of styles.

This section of the exam contains three tasks and you will pick one. You should write between 220 – 260 in order to demonstrate your advanced writing skills.

Our sample answers show a range of writing styles so that you can show the examiner your ability to write in advanced English.

In the writing part you should show your ability to write in a different style to CAE task 1 in order to showcase advanced vocabulary and language functions.

In this part of the exam you also have the opportunity to write in a more creative or informal manner.

Advanced English grammar for C1 can be difficult to learn out of context. We have provided these samples so that you can absorb the grammar in the context of the CAE exam.

In order to pass C1 English you should plan your answer so that the content is high quality and the language skills support your argument.

You can spend a short amount of time planning the content so that your answer makes sense. Good content contains clear paragraphs which make sense, so it is a good idea to write about something that you are familiar with.

Remember to introduce your piece of writing clearly. When you present supporting paragraphs you should use advanced linking words to show your vocabulary.

It is a good idea to leave a few minutes at the end to review your answer so that you can correct any mistakes.