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Example CAE writing part 2 letter #002

Question – CAE writing part 2 letter:

Write a letter of complaint to a magazine about their portrayal of today’s youth.


Dear Editor, 

I am writing this letter in reaction to an article I read in your magazine yesterday. The piece was titled ‘’Where are our values?’’ The author writes a scathing criticism of young people today. She says that young people are selfish and only think about having fun or their own personal and financial gain. She continues to state that young people aren’t prepared to spend time helping others.

I strongly disagree with the writer of this article. It seems obvious that she has a biased point of view. Perhaps she has had some bad experiences with certain types of young people, and has decided to generalize about them with sweeping statements. 

The trait of selfishness is not unique to a specific generation. There are selfish people of all ages and social groups. In fact, young people may sometimes be less selfish than older people because they feel strong loyalty to their peers. Among many young people, it is frowned upon to betray a friend and there are strong values of consideration for others. Most young people are still not tainted by the cruel cynicism that becomes us  in middle age. Therefore, they have higher confidence in others and less suspicion of the world in general. They also enjoy helping others, especially as they have time to do so after studies or their jobs. For example, my younger sister is 22 years old. She works at a bank during the day, but she spends her free time during the evening volunteering at a retirement home to help the elderly. There are many other examples of young people who donate their time and energy to others.

To wrap up, I do not share the views of the writer of this article. I believe that her opinion is highly subjective. Many young people are caring, compassionate and considerate people who hope to improve our world.



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