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Consocep Falls, The Pride of Ocampo

Social media has enlightened people around the globe on the amazing destinations each country has to offer.  However, not all places have been “discovered” by the general public; one of which is Consocep Falls in Ocampo, Philippines.

The Falls

Consocep Falls is within the Consocep Resort Park which is located at the foot of Mt. Isarog.  Here, visitors can experience the beauty of nature as they enjoy the trek up the falls.  As the area is elevated, the temperature is much lower than the surrounding towns, making it a popular destination in the summer.

The Falls themselves are a wonderful sight.  Though not as majestic as the more popular falls worldwide, they still rouse a feeling of appreciation for the beauty of nature.  Since the slope of the falls is gradual, visitors may safely take a dip. The flowing waters are potable as they come from the mountain top, untouched by human activity – save for the swimmers.  Visitors often take a refreshing sip upstream while there.

Things to Consider

If you are a foreigner going to the area, it is best to go in a group and in the daytime.  Though a protected park, there are no security officials nearby, only the park’s rangers.   As always, ensure you are comfortable and safe in your surroundings when visiting the region. 

There are no basic amenities  available up there so visitors need to bring their own food and other supplies. Bring a trash bag as well to maintain the cleanliness of the area as trash bins are spaced very far apart.

But other than those slight limitations, it really is a stunning to visit.  Just be prepared to avoid any untoward incidents.

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