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Example CAE writing part 2 letter #001

Question – CAE writing part 2 letter:

Write a letter of complaint to a magazine about their portrayal of today’s youth.


I am a subscriber of Life in the Countryside.  In last month’s issue, you discussed the sad state of today’s youth.  As I have two children of my own, I have to say that I disagree with your skewed image of them.  Your article claims that the young people now are self-centered, apathetic, and greedy.  My experience says otherwise.

While there are exceptions to the rule, I generally believe that young people now are much more concerned than before.  Most of the cleanup volunteers in the city and surrounding towns are teenagers.  I initially thought it was a school requirement or a city initiative, but it turns out that there is an ongoing movement among the youth for the environment.  Furthermore, at hospitals and care homes, young people, like my two teens, are there as well keeping the sick and aged company.  It is amazing that people so young recognize such needs.

Yes, kids now are hooked on gadgets, consider surfing the net a real hobby, and desire to be celebrities.  But they also have redeeming qualities like concern for nature and love for the sick and lonely.  When I was younger, my peers and I never thought of such things. 

It is an injustice to brand them the way you did, especially as you are a known writer.  Those without the proper filters may blindly agree and stereotype all youngsters as the same.

I hope you observe them more in action before you write anything similar.  And may your children forgive you for viewing their generation in that way.



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