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We believe in learning by example. We believe that constant grammar bashing doesn’t help you learn real life English, it’s as simple as that!

We have created high quality content to help you achieve your English language goals.

Important: By using this website and the content on this website, you agree to the following guidance:

1. The texts provided on our website are just a guide.
There are all sorts of different ways to express things in English. This website is comprised of different examples, designed to help you with your learning.

2. We are not responsible for any final exam result.
You must ensure that you study using a wide range of sources. Memorising our content will not help you get the best possible grade. We recommend that any work submitted is entirely your own.

3. The levels assigned to our examples are just a guide.
Our writers have created each example with exam preparation in mind. The levels are estimated and should be used as a guide.