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Example CAE writing part 2 review #003

Question – CAE writing part 2 review:

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The UK is famous for many things, but skiing isn’t typically one of them! Did you know there is a sky resort in Scotland? Aviemore is a wonderful resort which benefits from approximately four months of snow per year, and makes the perfect winter getaway for families, friends and anyone who fancies trying their hand at the winter sport. 

Designated as a national area of outstanding natural beauty, the Scottish highlands in Perthshire are just wonderful. I visited some time ago and I honestly think I can see the benefit of a UK holiday as opposed to going abroad. 

Nestled up in the highlands, Aviemore is a quaint but vibrant little town, packed full of restaurants and souvenir shops. Tourists coming from other countries should definitely stop here for a couple of days and make the most of the fresh air here, it’s said to be the cleanest in the UK! The roads in the region are unkempt and treacherous in places but if you have a decent off-road vehicle then you should sniff out some of Scotland’s finest independent whiskey distilleries while you are here.

The highlight of my time in the mountains was the chance to chat and hang out with the open-minded and gregarious local folk. I took my flute along with me and joined in with one of the many busking sessions hosted in the local pub. Tourists from all corners of the world will enjoy this magical musical experience which is typical of Scotland. 

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