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Question – CAE writing part 2 review:

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The mysterious island of Lindisfarne located just off the stunning Northumberland Coast is one of the gems of the region, and a must see for tourists who want to get a real sense of what life is like on the brutally windswept northern coast. 

By its cut off nature, the island is only accessible at certain times of the day via a causeway which connects the main coast from the island. You can look up crossing times on the internet, as these are in line only with the low tide. There is a serious risk of getting swept away by the incoming tide if you cross at the wrong time, so this is a slightly risky but adventurous thoroughfare for those who fancy making the trip! 

Once on the island, you can visit the old monastery where a particular sect of monks used to make wine. The wine is in fact still produced on the island using a well guarded recipe, so be sure to try a small glass with dinner. International tourists can purchase an array of non-perishable goods for relatives back home, such as honey, sweets and handicrafts. 

Visitors to the island are continually stunned by the natural array wild birds and rodents, and if you’re lucky, you may even catch a North Sea seal frolicking around near the beach. For the best views, you can take a tour round the island’s coves in a local fisherman’s boat. 

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