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Question – CAE writing part 2 review:

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Quickly becoming one of the hottest hangouts for tourists from all corners of the world is the Gulfoss waterfall, located in Iceland. Visitors from all over the place have been drawn, in recent years, to the achingly cool (and cold!) island situated just a stone’s throw from the Arctic Circle. 

The thundering waterfall is located in the central “Golden Circle” district, in which several of the main nature attractions can be found. A top tip if planning a visit, is to hop on a tour bus to the neighbouring hot springs, and the national park where the separation of two tectonic plates are visible. 

Do take this opportunity to get a few quality snaps and videos to say you’ve been here. It’s possible for visitors to get up close and personal with the waterfall so many photographers and bloggers, both novice and professional alike, flock here with up to date gadgets that capture the magnitude of this freezing cold wall of water. 

An even better idea for the more adventurous, take a night time tour or hire a car and come up here on a dark winter night, to capture the stunning backdrop of the northern lights phenomena against the waterfall. The drive is not for the faint hearted however, the rapidly altering microclimate in this region often means that routes can be struck by sudden snowfall. 

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