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Example CAE writing part 1 #005


Your class has listened to a discussion about factors that have an influence on major decisions we make in our lives. You have made the notes below: 

Factors which influence major decisions we make in our lives: 

  • education 
  • money
  • people

Some opinions expressed in the discussions: 

“A good education opens up many opportunities.” 

“Money makes anything possible.” 

“We learn from the experience of others.” 

Write an essay for your tutor discussing two of the factors in your notes. You should explain which factor you think has a greater influence on major decisions we make in our lives, and provide reasons to support your opinion. 

You may, if you wish, make use of the opinions expressed in the discussion, but you should use your own words as far as possible. 


Throughout the course of one’s complex life, a series of significant decisions must be taken and these are invariably influenced by the wide context in which we live. Our schooling, and later our financial status must be taken into account when analysing our approach to decision making; ultimately, it can be perceived that education is the leading influential factor. 

In order to become an effective decision maker, an individual, or group ought to possess the necessary key skills to weigh up the prospective pros and cons of the situation in question. Therefore, it is paramount to draw upon our knowledge of what we have witnessed and experienced in previous situations. Specifically, such knowledge can be termed as education, whether through school or extra-curricular life. 

Education is generally thought of as attendance at school and college, and the better the depth of knowledge gained in the classroom and in the playground, the more adept an individual is thought to be at making decisions. Furthermore, the base knowledge that family scenarios provide can assist us in shedding light on a variety of challenging situations. 

On the other hand, money is an important issue as mere access to it opens up a huge range of options. Individuals may seek the decisions that are the most emotionally beneficial for them if money is not a consideration. Conversely, those who suffer financial constraints may have to plan according to budget, even if it means compromising on their desired outcome. 

In conclusion, it can be observed that education is the key consideration when it comes to being balanced and decisive, and its provision enables us to build on our analytical skills both at school and throughout life.  

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