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Example CAE writing part 1 #004


Your class has listened to a discussion about factors that have an influence on major decisions we make in our lives. You have made the notes below: 

Factors which influence major decisions we make in our lives: 

  • education 
  • money
  • people

Some opinions expressed in the discussions: 

“A good education opens up many opportunities.” 

“Money makes anything possible.” 

“We learn from the experience of others.” 

Write an essay for your tutor discussing two of the factors in your notes. You should explain which factor you think has a greater influence on major decisions we make in our lives, and provide reasons to support your opinion. 

You may, if you wish, make use of the opinions expressed in the discussion, but you should use your own words as far as possible. 


We make choices according to what is best for us, and possibly for those around us whom we love and care for. However, it has been noted that we do have a tendency to be swayed and manipulated, often if this is for our own gain. Specifically, money is one of the leading reasons why we may take certain decisions through life. 

The issue of being incentivised is prevalent in the workplace and beyond. For example, we might make the decision to go for a better paid job due to the monetary recompense. Furthermore, we may accept work or do favours if money is offered in return for our efforts. There is a moral question at stake here; as individuals who rely on a monetary system in order to live, there are examples of corruption, whereby people make decisions to do thing based on generous sums tempting them to the cause. 

Generally speaking, most of us would fight against corruption and that is perhaps due to our background and need to respect our friends and family around us. More often than not, we choose a certain path in life and adhere to lifestyle decisions because it is what we are conditioned to do by those who have had a say in our upbringing. 

Whilst there are varying schools of thought in relation to the influences on our decision making process, it can be seen that perhaps money comes in first place, with people following as a close second. 

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